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Studies programme

The Postgraduate Studies Programme in "Children’s Book and Educational Material" admits graduates who hold a diploma (or degree) from Greek Higher Education Institutions or Technological Education Institutes (1st Cycle of Studies). Graduates who hold a diploma (or degree) from Higher Education Institutions from abroad are expected to dispose academic equivalence certificate issued by DIKATSA or DOATAP. Final year students may also apply subject to the condition that they produce their diploma (or degree) before their registration. The number of admitted students in the Postgraduate Studies Programme is forty (40) at maximum.

The selection of candidates is based on the following:

The official length of the Programme is eighteen (18) months (3 semesters) of full time education. In the first semester postgraduate students attend core courses. In the second semester they choose one of the following two orientations of studies:

In the last semester postgraduate students hand in a dissertation - Master’s Thesis - on a particular area of interest.

Tuition cost for the Postgraduate Studies Programme is 2.500 €. There are also possible scholarships.

When the student completes his/her work placement (wherever it is required), be examined successfully core and orientation courses and completes successfully his/her Master’s Thesis, a Master’s Degree (or Postgraduate Degree of Specialization) in "Children's Book and Educational Material" oriantated to Children's Book or Educational Material is conferred to him/her.

The Master’s Diploma (or Degree) offers the opportunity to its holder to get registered in Ph.D. studies.