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Programme's profil

The main aim of the Postgraduate Studies Programme in "Children’s Book and Educational Material" is the education and training of specialized scientists, capable of exploiting children’s books and designing educational material, acquiring the ‘know-how’ so as to contribute effectively to the encounter of new educational, reading and social problems.

More specifically, the Programme aims at a detailed theoretical study of the fields of children’s books and children literature, of the educational material and educational games as well as at the comprehension and management of the relations of antagonism, complementation or interaction between the children’s books – reading matter and new technologies in the contemporary learning and educational setting.

The graduates of the Postgraduate Studies Programme will be able to work for the exploitation of the extra-curricular books at school, the cultivation of a reading desire, the design of the production and exploitation of older and development of more contemporary types of educational material, as well as for the harmonious co-existence of book – reading matter with new technologies and the cross-curricular approach to education.

The strategic aims of the Programme are the following: